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"In over 35 years in HR, I have never experienced the emotional response engendered by these programs. Almost to a person, every individual considered the program as having the highest value of any program they had ever attended. Most of the group used a phrase that caught me off guard: It was life changing."

Robert McQuade
Vice President HR - University of Notre Dame


We're changing teams. 

Working together to deliver something amazing is what brings teams together.  It’s what fires us up and creates the community we all desire. Teams are the way we come together in community, the way we enjoy work in this modern world. 

Teams become our family. 

But just like family, teams are complicated. Leading a team is full of challenges, getting that team to deliver world-class results requires skills that most leadership programs don’t teach:

Creating trust, building community, keeping accountability, coaching effectively, and conflict management to name a few. 


We teach those skills in a way that changes people’s lives.


After delivering hundreds of  workshops, we know we offer a life-changing experience.  Not only will you get in touch with yourself, your leadership, and your team, you'll leave with a renewed sense of confidence, and a plan for forward momentum.


With thousands of clients served, we excel at coaching.  We go straight to the heart and provide clear, direct, and most importantly - tangible - results. We offer solutions and help you navigate even the trickiest issues. 


Our retreats offer a complete immersion; back to the heart of who you are and how you lead. We incorporate your mission or vision into experiential opportunities and give you the chance to receive several days worth of insights that will change your group forever. 

You want to read something that lifts you up, challenges you to reflect, and gives you something interesting to talk about. 

But who has the time for that?

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